Welcome to the Ursuline Sisters Apartments

If you want a secure, worry-free lifestyle with the complete freedom to continue your favorite activities, independent living is a great fit. Independent living works best if you:

  • Are still in good health and able to care for yourself
  • No longer want the responsibility of home maintenance
  • Like the idea of living in a community with people your own age


September 2013 145You’re certainly not ready to wind down, but you’d like to shrug off some of the chores and responsibilities that have taken up so much of your time over the years. That’s why this is the perfect place for you to energize your dreams and turn them into reality.

Work is completed on the new apartments, a new ministry that will provide affordable living in a safe, peaceful spot close to shopping for active adults ages 55+ in the Mahoning Valley.

Utilizing Universal Design principles, the Ursuline Sisters have created 12 apartments in the west wing of the Ursuline Sisters of Youngstown Motherhouse complex at 4260 Shields Rd. Canfield Ohio.

The project came about when area leaders in both the public and private sectors expressed to the Ursuline Sisters the need in our community for safe, adequate, affordable housing for active adults ages 55+ Area residents helped by this project also will benefit from socialization and having access to numerous programs offered at The Ursuline Center and Motherhouse.

The apartments are easily accessible from all major highways: they are 1 mile from U.S Rte 11, 1 mile north of U.S. Rte 224 and 15 miles from the Ohio Turnpike.

Eating Healthy

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New View On Aging

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